Create & Control Your Vibe

With Control Play & Control Play Pro

Control Play

You don’t want your staff on site to choose the music or adjust the playlist. The Control Play platform is perfect for businesses with defined, repeated customer flow and a specific sound to define their branded Guest Entertainment Experience.

Consistency is achieved with automations and the integration of content in playlists designed for your business. Single to multiple locations are easily controlled and managed remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Control Play PRO

The Pro platform provides you with the industry leading onsite managed Guest Entertainment Experience! Create and manage your own unique vibe, on the fly. Influence and interact with the live Now Playing playlist in real-time. Search content libraries, add requests for guests, and manipulate items coming up in the playlist. Use the powerful Playlist Builder to create rich combinations of content and produce a dynamic experience that delivers your own unique Guest Entertainment Experiences.

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Experience +

$10 /month

Experience+ is library of unique digital audio, graphic, video-only, and audio/video assets that seamlessly integrate into your other Content Integrations and take your guest experience to the next level. Experience+ content can be played on-demand, scheduled to play automatically, built into custom playlists, or automated with Seasonal Events.

Performance Rights

Save the headache of navigating performance rights. Control Play can work with you to ensure you are covered for performance rights with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, SOCAN and RESOUND. Availability and pricing varies by Business Type and Country.

Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management allows you to manage multiple locations, and unlocks powerful functionality to group venues at local, regional, and national levels, so you can control content distribution, shared playlists, and scheduling & automation profiles. Enterprise Management allows you to seamlessly execute a unified entertainment strategy across multiple venues in real-time.

Control Player

The Control Player is a compact hardware device built with high quality components designed to run 24/7. It’s equipped with industry leading features and built in applications to provide you with a turnkey, plug and play experience. Connect as many screens to the player as you’d like with the use of a video distribution system (not included). Install multiple Control players in your venue to create unique zones or to control specific groups of screens.


$399/one time



$799/one time


$99/one time

**All pricing in USD**


What You Need to Know About Your Background Music License
Control Play has access to licensing agreements with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR, RESOUND, and SOCAN which authorize the performance of their catalog in certain ways. This authorization for performing rights is provided on an opt-in basis only and is not included with your Control Play Subscription unless you ask for it and pay an additional fee for coverage. When performing rights licensing is purchased as an add-on to your Control Play subscription, only music provided by Managed Media (which is licensed by the specific performing rights organizations) is licensed for performance in your venue.
What Doesn’t My PRO Music License Cover?

Unfortunately, the performing rights licenses provided through Control Play do not give you the right to have a Disc Jockey play music, to hire or allow a live band to perform, to provide a Karaoke service, or to use other music sources such as Radio, Television, CDs, Karaoke or MP3 players.

Licenses provided through Control Play do not cover you if you charge a direct or indirect admission fee (e.g. cover, minimum, or similar charge) to the premises. And they do not cover you if you’re a specific type of venue like a Roller Skating Rink, Bowling Center, Family Entertainment Facility, Jump Parks, Theme Park or Fitness Center where bowling, dancing, skating, cycling, aerobics, fitness or other similar activities (where music plays an integral part) takes place.

Additionally, the license is void if you use Control Play for interactive functionality. You are also prohibited from transmitting or rebroadcasting the Control Play service outside of your venue. Performing music, which falls under any of these exclusions, is not authorized by Control Play’s available performing rights licenses and will require you to obtain your own direct agreements for these uses.

Your player can provide content to as many rooms or screens as you want for each venue. If you want different content for different rooms. It requires a separate player and a zone account for each player. Let us know if you would like additional zone pricing.
Many of our subscribers are multi unit operators. We have tiered pricing based on your monthly billing starting at a 5% discount with monthly billing of one thousand dollars within the same billing account.
Our services are provided to our subscribers on a monthly basis; however, we can accommodate an annual payment if that works best for you.
We accept Direct debit, Master Card, Visa, American Express and ACH.

Once we have received your agreement, your fully customized, plug n play player will ship within 2 business days.

We have a 30 day hassle free cancellation policy if you decide to cancel services for any reason.
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