Modern Entertainment for the World’s Oldest Game

The business of bowling is more demanding than ever and requires current technology and entertainment to remain relevant and boost revenue. Our service ensures you have the right audio/video experiences for the right people at the right time, every day. With over 1,500 current subscribers in the bowling industry, BMN is the leading solution for enhancing your bowling center’s atmosphere.

Advanced Scheduling

Build your own playlists from our massive music and music video library or use our Playlist team’s custom-curated programs built specifically for bowling centers. Set them to play when you want with the player’s easy-to-use scheduling tool. Our team is available to help whenever you need.

Complete Control

Songs and videos in BMN’s library are each rated for content, energy level, and much more. We make it easy to create the exact vibe you want for your facility.

Mom-Approved Content

Our “Mom-approved” programs are hand-crafted to ensure that inappropriate lyrics and/or visuals will never cost you business. If you see the MOM logo on a playlist or track, you can rest easy knowing that each piece of that content is custom edited to not contain sexual, violent, or otherwise unsuitable content. With a mom-approved program, our system makes it impossible to play non-family-friendly content. You can change programs at any time, since what works for league night might not work for a family-filled afternoon.

You’re in Control

Bowling Music Network makes it easy to provide the exact music and music video experiences your patrons are looking for. Take song requests, select custom-curated playlists, build your schedule, play any song or video on-demand, and run themed programs. However you want to manage your media, the choice is yours! Your entertainment atmosphere will always be fresh. We add new music daily and still give you all the classics—with older videos upscaled for HD screens. From new to old, if they want to hear it, you can play it.

Signature Programs

No matter who’s coming in for what reason, Bowling Music Network delivers the perfect playlist programing. Whether you’re catering to family outings, glow blowing, birthday parties, league nights, or corporate events, BMN has expertly curated programs that fit it all. With over 50 unique, pre-built programs, you’ll have more choice and selection than any other music or video service.


Get your customers’ adrenaline pumping with this non-stop, high-energy music and music video program, featuring the newest titles from pop, rock, dance, and hip-hop!

Family Mix

Music made specifically for a complete, family-fun experience! From current songs to past hits, spanning all genres, you can create the perfect family environment with this Mom-Approved Family Mix.


All classic country and oldies favorites from legends like Johnny Cash, The Temptations, Dwight Yoakem, James Brown, The Beach Boys, Elvis and many, many others.

Game Day

Bring the excitement of the stadium to your bowling center! A very high-energy mix that fits any time and build for the big game-day crowds.

Weekday Party

League Players and adults will love this mix of the biggest party tracks from the ‘80s, ‘90s, & 2000s, with a variety of Classic Rock, Disco, R&B, Soul and Country to keep things fresh and lively!

Weekend Party

Get stoked for the weekend with this upbeat mix of current Rap, R&B, and Rhythm & Dance music! A great choice for the latest tracks in those genres for a modern, weekend party vibe.

Mix Video/Music

From Pop music to classic hits, this massive mix brings hot tracks from artists like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, The Clash, Katy Perry, Nickelback, U2, Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson and much more!

Patio Mix

Take time to unwind with this easy listening playlist. Enjoy artists like Sheryl Crow, The Black Eyed Peas, Prince, Bob Marley, Matchbox Twenty, Billy Joel, Maroon 5, and many others.

Rock & Bowl

Rock the lanes with both new and classic hits from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bon Jovi, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Linkin Park, and a whole lot more!


See the bowling industry’s best entertainment solution in action!