Family-Friendly, Mom-Approved Guarantee

Make your bowling center the go-to place for family outings, summer camps, lock-ins, after school programs, and youth leagues. Birthdays are especially fantastic as KidZone makes your center the party destination, even allowing for families from all over North America to join in the fun!

KidZone provides all-ages music and music videos that brings energy and fun without anything offensive.

In fact, if any parents complain about the appropriateness of the music or videos, your next month is free! That’s our mom-approved guarantee!

Content for Kids

Our KidZone program contains the exact music and music videos kids love. Plus, you’ll have access to novelty tracks and fun dance songs that can get everyone participating. The included youth-themed promos help increase sales and ensure they’ll be begging their parents to come back again and again.

Mom-Approved Guarantee

All KidZone content is reviewed to ensure that bowlers are never exposed to any inappropriate lyrics or images. When using the Mom-Approved program, our software actually makes it impossible to play anything that’s not family-friendly. KidZone is the reliable way to keep the party appropriate for all ages.

If any parent complains about content in a Mom-Approved playlist, your next month is free—that’s our guarantee!


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