Promotional Messages

Our system makes it easy to promote menu items, special events, social media pages, and more with professionally produced commercial messages. Play any ad on-demand or create a weeklong schedule to play automatically. It’s the easiest way to boost attendance and increase revenue from your offerings.


Gain access to a full library of extra content designed to enhance the guest experience in your bowling center. With a click of a button, play any of the pre-loaded content and build up the fun with professionally produced show openers, novelty dances, pre-league warmups, safety announcements, targeted messages, national anthems, closing messages and much more!

Custom Promotions

Highly detailed, relevant offers advertised at strategic times are your key to increasing revenue. Bowling Music Network’s team of creative professionals will build audio, video, or digital signage promotions for your specific offerings. Our copywriters, voice talent, and graphic design team work with you to create effective ads that both sell and enhance your guest experience.

Scheduling Made Simple

Easily build a custom seven-day promotional schedule in minutes with our software’s built-in scheduling tool. Need a hand? Our pleasure! Bowling Music Network’s team will assess your particular needs and work with you to optimize your schedule throughout the year—it’s all part of your subscription.

Video Text

Our video text tool allows you to add scrolling promotions and messages at the bottom of your music videos so the entertainment doesn’t stop while getting your announcements across. Simply type a message and pick your text color, speed, and duration. Play it immediately or schedule it for later. Experience how easy and effective video text is!


See the bowling industry’s best entertainment solution in action!